Learn To Ride A Motorcycle

So you’ve been thinking about it for years–The chance to  feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.  See and feel the beauty all around you.  Feel it, sense it, and don’t forget to take in a deep breath and smell the season of the year, whether it be spring or fall- it envelopes you. The power of motion and speed- and you control the outcome. Clear your mind, fly, and feel free. Take the class and experience what all of us have known for years!

Motorcycle Safety Training of Polk County has been open for EIGHT years here in Polk!   We are so very proud of all the riders that have taken their classes with us.  Thank you to all our former students who have sent us new friends! We truly appreciate it!  Please remember to ride safe and let us know how you’re doing these days!

Don’t forget! MST has the best birthday/anniversary present yet! A GIFT CERTIFICATE! Wrap it up in a big box and surprise your favorite person! Give us a call today and have your shopping complete!


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