Motorcycle Safety, sure, but what is an Endorsement, and do I need one?

To ride a motorcycle legally in Florida you must have the words “Motorcycle Also” or “Motorcycle Only” on your driver license. You can only add that endorsement by completing a 15 hour motorcycle safety course. If you ride any motorcycle, scooter or trike with an engine at least 50cc or larger, you need the endorsement.

If I’ve been riding for a long time, do I need the class?

Yes, it’s the only way to get the endorsement added.  You will build your skills even if you already know how to ride, so don’t worry…you’ll have fun too.

What if I have an out of state license?

You can still take our class.  After your class, you can ask your home state if they will add an endorsement with your completion card, or exchange that license for a Florida one with the endorsement on it.

I have just signed up for my first class, now what?

Great! We look forward to seeing you at Motorcycle Safety Training. Before your class, we would like to strongly encourage you to review this area in it’s entirety. It is your responsibility to have read and have a clear understanding of this information prior to class.

The following information is of a concern for all individuals, regardless of type of course or service. We have found that over time, policies need to be in effect to ensure fairness to ALL individuals and to operate in the most efficient manner possible. Upon review of these policies, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once you have paid for your course/service, you are assumed to have read and accepted the following policies.
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Attendance Policy

Classes start ON TIME. Individuals who are late for any reason may forfeit their position in class. If you are late, you may have to be rescheduled into an upcoming class.

NO SHOW and TARDY individuals need to contact us at 863-676-2469 to reschedule class completion. Depending on circumstances, a rescheduling fee of $100.00 may be assessed.

What to Bring to Class?

Over the ankle footwear (boot or high top athletic shoe which covers the anklebone)
Long pants made of denim material (jeans)
Long sleeve shirt or lightweight jacket.
Eye protection (sunglasses or eyeglasses are acceptable) – You may provide your own or use ours
DOT approved helmet – you may provide your own or use ours.
Full fingered gloves (no gloves with tacky grips!)

YOU NEED TO BRING WATER, Powerade, Gatorade or other non-alcoholic beverages (refrain from sodas and caffeine drinks which can cause dehydration), and snacks (if you need them) for the range sessions. Remember you will be OUTSIDE, IN A PARKING LOT, WITH NO SHADE IN FLORIDA! Drink plenty of fluids 1 to 2 hours prior to the start of your range session and during your range session. Sunscreen, raingear and a change of clothing are usually good to have available.

If you come unprepared for any range session without proper riding equipment you will:
1. Not be able to participate in the range session.
2. Forfeit your position in class.
3. Be rescheduled into an upcoming class as a standby.
4. Forfeit entitlement to a refund of course fees.

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to have proper riding gear. We will have full finger gloves, DOT approved helmets and eye protection available for your use.

Weather Policy

Class will be conducted in spite of the weather forecast. Just because it is raining where you are, it does not necessarily mean that it is raining where class is conducted. AND if it is raining, we will still conduct class. If in the Rider Coach/Company’s opinion we need to postpone or reschedule class you will be notified as soon as possible. If YOU decide not to show up to class due to poor weather conditions you will need to contact us to reschedule class completion and you may be charged a rescheduling fee.

Depending on circumstances, a rescheduling fee may be assessed.